Frequently Asked Questions

***This information is not 100% accurate due to our temporary restrictions. Please contact us if you require validation or further details.

General Information
Where is Rose City Archers?
Rose City Archers shoot at Peace Lutheran church. It is at the corner of Tecumseh Road East and Rossini. The address is 1971 Rossini Blvd.

What time are shoots held?
Archers ages 7-14 shoot Sunday nights from 5:45pm-7:00pm. We ask that all archers come for 5:30pm to assist with setup and mandatory stretching exercises beginning at 5:45pm. Stretches are mandatory since it helps minimize potential injury to key muscles being used while shooting.

Ages 15 and up shoot Sundays and Wednesdays from 7:00pm-8:30pm. We do ask that people show up prior to 7:00pm to assist in setting up the equipment and stay until the end to assist in taking down. Stopping at 8:30pm allows time to remove the equipment from the gym.

How can I contact a person from the club?
Martha Boyle - 519-948-7521
Lori Loignon-Uprichard - 519-903-5182

Membership Fees
How much are yearly membership fees?
Family: $80.00 (up to four (4) people)
Additional Family Members: $15.00
Cub / Junior / Student / Adult: $40.00
Senior (60+ years): $25.00

How much are the nightly shooting fees?
Cub / Junior / Student / Adult: $3.00
Senior (60+ years): $2.00
Non-member: $6.00

When can I register?
The youth program is on a first come-first serve basis. We generally accept the first 50 archers to sign up as that leaves us with a manageable amount of archers to coach for safety reasons. Come to the gym on the first night of archery and complete the registration form (or come with one printed and completed via the Forms page). You cannot register before the first night. There is no preference for people who are return archers. We do ask that there is a level of commitment from the archer for the duration of the season as we could be potentially turning people away from joining.

Adults can register the first night of shooting. Although there is no limit to the number of adult archers there is also not the independent coaching available that there is for the youth. If you are new to the sport we will coach you to get you shooting then allow you to continue once you are on your own. Further tips and tricks can be offered if you wish but not a formal coaching structure like the youth program.

Is there a sign-in process each night?
Yes and it is mandatory. Every night there is a table setup just inside the door. This is where you will pay your weekly fees and sign the book. This needs to be done in case of emergencies we know who is in the building and who we need to account for if we have to evacuate.

How long does the season last?
The youth program usually starts the second Sunday in November and ends at Easter, depending on how early Easter is. The end of March is the average ending time.
Adults begin early October (usually the Wednesday after Thanksgiving) and end at the end of April. A calendar is issued at the beginning of the year outlining key dates for the season.

What are my membership and weekly fees used for?
Membership and fees are used for gym rental, equipment repairs (bows and arrows), safety equipment (arm guards and finger tabs), paper target replacement costs, target butt repairs, for youth the entry fees to the Mail Match tournament, fun night food and prizes, repairs to the gym wall at the end of the season if needed, net repairs if needed.

Youth Program
What ages can shoot archery at Rose City Archers youth program?
Ages 7-15 participate in our youth program which does include coaching every week. If they are 14 when we begin the youth archery session this will be their last year of eligibility to shoot as a youth. The following season they are invited to shoot with the adults twice a week. This helps us maintain youth membership and keep both groups in the club going.

Are there rules for the club?
Yes. The list of rules is on the Rules page. Safety rules are reviewed with the youth archers before every shooting session. Rose City Archers does ask that all archers adhere to the rules of the club for the safety of the archer and those around them. Archers will be asked to sit out if they are not following the rules.

Do parents need to stay with their child while they are shooting?
Yes. At least one parent must remain IN the gym the entire shooting hour. We realize seating is limited but this is a safety rule that we ask all parents to follow.

When is the youth program considered full? And when do you stop taking new members?
Our youth program is considered full when we reach 50 registered youth archers or the first week of December, whichever comes first. This allows us to maintain safe numbers while shooting and gives enough weeks to go through the basics before we begin the mail match tournament in the new year.

Family Fun Shoots
What are the family fun shoots?
Twice a year Rose City Archers encourages each archer to bring one guest to shoot at a fun night. It is a time where we create teams and some friendly competition. It also gives people who have never shot before a chance to try the sport. We shoot at holiday themed targets and a few 3D animals.

What is the cost for this shoot?
The admission for the fun shoot is at minimum one canned good per archer. Guests must also bring at least one canned good. The canned goods then get donated to Peace Lutheran Church's food bank. We have had great success over the years in doing this and everyone is always most generous. The items usually most in need are: canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned tuna, canned meat, bread, pasta and sauce. If needs change we will communicate as the shoot gets closer.

When are the fun shoots?
They are always on the Sunday. We hold one the last shoot before Christmas break and the last shoot before Easter depending on where Easter falls each year. The Easter shoot also marks the end of our youth program.

What time does this start?
We ask that people show up at 5:30pm to assist in setting up as there is a lot to bring in and organize.

Is dinner provided?
Yes. After the shoot we all head to the basement and enjoy a pizza dinner with munchies and drinks.

Are there prizes?
There are no prizes for the team that wins but every archer that is there has their name put in a raffle for various prizes that are handed out. Turkeys at Christmas and ham at Easter are usually some of the prizes along with other gifts.

Are compound bows allowed?
During the fun shoots compound bows are not allowed. This allows all archers to use the same type of equipment with no advantage. If you have your own recurve bow you are more than welcome to bring it but no sights are allowed.

I am new to archery, does Rose City Archers have equipment that I can use?
Yes. We have a wide range of recurve bows, both left and right handed, that can be used the nights you are there to shoot. We also have arrows of various lengths to use. There are two Genesis compound bows that can be used by adult archers, one left handed and one right handed. There are no additional fees to use this equipment.

What type of equipment can be shot at Rose City Archers?
Recurve and compound bows can all be shot at the club. Carbon arrows tend to stick into the target butts a bit more than aluminum so an arrow puller is often handy to get them out. Crossbows can also be used at the club with regular field point tips, NO broadheads.

Can I shoot broadheads at the club?
No. Broadheads are not to be shot at the club.

What distances can you shoot in the gym?
Anywhere from 10-18 meters.

Are targets provided?
Yes. As part of your fees targets are provided each night. There are FITA and IFAA targets available. FITA in single spot and vertical three spot and IFAA in single spot and five spot.

What tournaments are held at Rose City Archers?

Rose City Archers hosts two provincial tournaments (indoor OAA and IFAA championships) and one national (indoor AC championship). This year we are also hosting the MICA tournament which is associated with AC. We also organize the OAA Mail Match for all youth archers (included in the fees already paid) and any adult interested (fees are to be paid separate from weekly and membership fees). The AC Mail Match is also organized for adult archers only.

Do I have to participate in the tournaments?
All tournaments are optional. The only one that occurs automatically is the youth mail match which begins in January.

What is a Mail Match?
The mail match tournament allows archers to shoot locally and compete provincially (OAA) or nationally (AC) against other archers in the same class on a weekly basis. Scores are mailed in to an organizer and the best 8 weeks (both OAA and AC) are averaged to find a winner in each category. The FITA coloured target is used for this tournament.

Are there costs to shoot the Mail Match tournaments?
The OAA Mail Match for youth archers is included in the membership fees. Any adult who would like to participate in the OAA or AC Mail Match must pay the fees to do so. It is generally between $5-15 for the whole tournament.

When are the tournaments held?
The mail match tournaments are during our normal shooting hours. The provincial and national championships are held on Saturdays. Confirmed dates will be on the calendar but normally the IFAA is at the end of January, OAA is in February and AC is in March. We start setting up at 10:30am, warm-ups at 11:30am and the tournament itself at 12:00pm. These times may vary but can be used as a guideline.

Are there costs to shoot the tournaments?
Yes. You must be an OAA member so the fees for that must be paid in full (membership lasts from January to December) and there is also a cost for shooting the tournament at our club. You only need to pay the OAA membership fee once but the tournament fees are payable each one you decide to shoot.

Are tournaments open to anyone?
The non-mail match tournaments are open to anyone interested in coming to our club to shoot them. The same costs above are applied to a guest that comes to the club.

Do you have to belong to the OAA (Ontario Archers Association) to shoot the tournaments?
Yes. Any tournament you shoot at Rose City Archers requires you be a member of the OAA. You can fill out your membership forms and pay at the tournament and they will be submitted on your behalf or complete it online on the OAA website (see Links page for a link to their website).