Dear Members,


The Rose City Archers 2021-22 season is resuming with the same restrictions as the start of the season. We have reviewed the facility and provincial restrictions with what we can comply with as a club and below are the changes.


-      The season will resume Wednesday, February 2, 2022

-      Due to capacity limitations we will only be able to accommodate 20 archers each night we shoot. To be able to allow the most members you will not be able to shoot both nights.

-      Age limit for this season is 15 and up. Parents will not be able to sit in the gym and watch the archers.

-      Proof of double vaccination will be required and a contact tracing sheet will be maintained each night.

-      Masks will be worn when behind the line, not necessary while shooting on the line.

-      Each member will have to have their own equipment to shoot. Nothing (arrows, bows, arm guards, etc) will be supplied by the club.

-      Individual instruction/coaching will also not be provided this season.

-      The youth program will not be run this season.

-      At the end of each night we are required by the facility to wipe down all shared surfaces (ie table, washrooms, etc). This will be a joint effort by all members.

-      At the beginning of the season we are able to leave the target butts up. If they impede any of the other clubs we are going to have to take them down and put away each night. As always members are required to assist with setup and cleanup each night.

-      Increased membership fees to $45 for individual members and $90 for a family of 4, nightly shooting fees will remain the same at $3 each night you shoot.

-      If we do not reach membership capacity non-member shooting will be available depending on space availability each night.

-      No special holiday shoots


This will be reviewed as we are notified of changes approved by the facility, the province and best practices to keep everyone safe.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through our restart again.


Rose City Archers