Club Rules for Archers and Parents

1. Be respectful to all coaches and fellow archers. This means no teasing, name calling, etc.

2. Must obey all whistle signals:
    2 whistles to approach the shooting line.
    1 whistle to start shooting.
    3 whistles to retrieve arrows.
    4 whistles or more means to stop where you are and wait for further instruction.

Keep your arrows in your quiver until told to shoot.

4. No running at any time. No skipping, jumping, hopping, etc, only walking.

5. No gum chewing or candy.

6. No horseplay.

7. Proper footwear must be worn (ie no Heelys)

8. When retrieving arrows carry them back to your quiver with the arrow tips facing the ground.

9. No baggy / loose clothing. All sweater strings must be long enough to tuck into the sweater.

10. All archers will participate in a warm-up session prior to shooting.

11. A parent or guardian must remain at the church for the duration of the shoot. No children can be left at the church unless one parent is present.

12. All parents must stay behind the bow racks while their child is shooting.

13. Assistance with setting up the equipment before the shoot would be greatly appreciated. The doors are generally open at 5:30pm.

14. As part of coaching there is a need to "touch" your child in order to correctly position them and sometimes it is necessary to prevent injury. If the parent does not want your child touched, accommodations can be made to provide instruction the best we can.